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<interact> munich 2015 is coming soon...

here you can read more about the concept on our new website:

Seven years after the very first <interact> PhD symposium in 2007 we continue to encourage collaboration within the life science research in Munich. While the six past conferences have been constantly growing and improving, our basic aim remains the same: bringing the life science community closer together.

Interact provides a platform for young scientists in Munich to exchange knowledge, discuss about science and build a network to support their current projects and future aspirations. Our event will take place on:

February 28th, 2014, at the Technical University of Munich (downtown campus).


Two keynote speakers, talks by graduate students and poster sessions are the main core of our symposium. As a special focus of the 2014 symposium we aim at encouraging more interdisciplinarity by reaching more participants from the behavioral and organismic level. At the pre-event, we will kick off and talk about “Life and Science”. Our pre-event will take place on:


the evening of February 27th, 2014, in the Deutsches Museum.

Among our supporters are the Max Planck Society, the Ludwig Maximilians University, the Technical University of Munich as well as several partners from industry. With its excellent reputation in the life sciences, well-known research institutes and more than 1000 junior scientists, Munich provides a unique location for our PhD symposium.

We would like to welcome you at the <interact> 2014 for an unforgettable conference!