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Alternative Career Paths for Life Scientists


Once you have your qualifications in place, it can be difficult to decide what you want to do with them: should you pursue a classic university career, or would it be better to look beyond the lab? What other kinds of job are on offer in the academic world? What are the options for a scientist in industry? What does it take to make the leap into a commercial environment?


Many scientists are faced with this kind of dilemma. In this session the CEO of academics, Thorsten Abs will help you make an informed decision. He will talk about career opportunities outside the lab -- different professional roles, the qualifications you need for them, and the salary prospects they hold.





Thorsten Abs has been active in online recruiting for more than 15 years. Ten years ago, he became the Managing Director of and, the leading job listing sites for scientists and researchers in academia and industry in Germany. He has a thorough understanding of the scientific job market in Germany and knows about the challenges which researchers have to overcome towards their next professional step.