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11:30 am – 12:45 am Student Talk Sessions I – IV


Session I –  Method Development –  Room 2750


11:30 a.m.:  S. Panda: Highly efficient targeted mutagenesis in mice by using sequence  

                       specific nucleases


11:55 a.m.:  F. Ziegler: Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy: Interrogating Proteins on the



12:20 p.m.:  M. Schönberger: Developing Optical Tools for Controlling Transmembrane

                       Receptors with Light



Session II – Neuroscience –  Room 2770


11:30 a.m.:  E. Ehrhardt: Pioneer neurons of the locust antenna: the development of a

                       sensory system


11:55 a.m.:  T. Kleele: Microtubule dynamics in developing and diseased axons


12:20 p.m.:  A. Zannas: Epigenetic Mechanisms Linking Major Depression and Aging



Session III – Epigenetics –  Room 2760


11:30 a.m.:  A. Bowman: A bivalent interaction between the chaperone NASP and histones

                       suggests a molecular switch in early H3-H4 maturation


11:55 a.m.:  M. La Fortezza: Function and regulation of the growth-promoting JAK/STAT

                       signaling pathway in imaginal disc regeneration


12:20 p.m.:  O. Copur: The histone H3-K27 demethylase Utx regulates HOX gene expression

                       in Drosophila in a temporally restricted manner



Session IV – Bioinformatics –  Room 2100


11:30 a.m.:  M. Hein: Human interactome of a thousand proteins in three quantitative



11:55 a.m.:  A. Spitzmüller: Identification of Host Interactions for Phenotypic Antimalarial



12:20 p.m.:  J. Prinz: Inferring novel relationships between drugs and genes based on

                       phenotypic features

3:05 pm – 3:45 pm Student Talk Sessions V – VIII


Session V - Cancer - Room 2750


3:05 p.m.:  A. Sathe: Mutant PIK3CA regulates ERK phosphorylation via MKP-1 and  

                     determines the response to AKT therapy


3:30 p.m.: Z. Xiao: Combinatorial treatment of lung cancer cell lines and their spheroids with

                    multi-targeted small-molecule kinase inhibitors and salinomycin



Session VI - Immunology - Room 2770


3:05 p.m.:  J. Winnewisser: How does the body prevent auto-immune diseases?


3:30 p.m.:  C. Buhrmann: TNF-ß an up-coming therapeutic for Rheumatoid Arthritis



Session VII - Drug Resistance - Room 2760


3:05 p.m.:  E. Chudyk: Extension of Specificity in the New ß-Lactamases: A Combined

                     Theoretical and Experimental Study


3:30 p.m.:  S. Boellner: Studying of MRSA growth behavior and secretion of virulence factors

                     in a three dimensional collagen gel



Session VIII – Advances in Live Imaging - Room 2100


3:05 p.m.:  J. Litzlbauer: Directed evolution and screening of genetically encoded fluorescent



3:30 p.m.:  M. Kneipp: Zebrafish imaging by means of volumetric optoacoustic microscopy